How to Not to Get Rejected by Women Again

rejecting womanThere is just one reason why most guys find it difficult to date girls. They might know exactly how to get a lady however they don’t have any woman they are dating, it is since of the worry of rejection.

If you discover it difficult to stroll up to a woman and speak to her, if your heart rate beats faster each time you wish to approach a woman or you begin panting, it is not since of you think the girl will reject you, it is in fact due to the fact that you are having the fear of rejection.

When you ask a girl out all she can do if she is not interested, is to say “Thanks, I have a boy-friend” or worst she simply abandon you without saying anything. She won’t chew out you, she won’t slap or beat you. It doesn’t happen.

If you do not desire to get rejected by any woman once again just make sure you do the regular “things” like do not worry. You wont pass away simply due to the fact that a lady states NO to your request. Do not do silly things, like walking up to a lady on the road and state” baby, my God you look hot tonight”.

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Now on the flip side, this chick gets rejected by her boyfriend.

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