The TAO of Badass

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The TAO of Badass Review

tao of badassLike many guys out there one of my biggest fears in life was asking a girl out. Even if I managed to talk to one long enough to connect, and that didn’t happen often, I still couldn’t make the final move.  It felt like there was some kind of barrier preventing me to utter the simple words like “want to go out sometimes”. This of course always landed me in the friend zone and almost certainly ruined my chances with that particular woman forever.

You might think that by becoming friends with a woman  first gives you an advantage later. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as women think differently than men. Unlike men, who just want to get inside hot chicks pants, women can decide fairly quickly if they are sexual attracted to a man or not. That’s why once you’re put into the friend zone, it’s so hard to be seen a MAN, and not just a male friend. But don’t worry tao of badass pdf  addresses that problem, and can help you out.

The TAO of Badass Helped Me

As preciously stated i had a real problem asking a woman out, or even talking to a pretty one for most of my life.  At that time it was embarrassing to me, and I wouldn’t talk to anyone about it.  But after conquering it thanks to Joshua Pellicer ‘s “The TAO of Badass” I’m no longer embarrassed by it. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, now I feel proud and feel it’s my obligation to help other guys like me to achieve the same goal.

Thanks to the tao of badass pdf I’m no longer afraid to approach a woman in a bar, club or even a super market. Use the techniques that Joshua Pellicer teaches in the tao system of badass and see what happens. Once you know the signs that women involuntary give out when talking or even look at a man you will know exactly what to do next to either hook up or walk away.

That’s all there is to it, so Click Here to check out tao of badass now.


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